Installation view, Aran Cravey, Los Angeles

Cushion no.3 (Portrait of Eliza), 2013
Installation view at Aran Cravey, Los Angelese

The Lustful Turk (Souvenir), 2012
Installation view at Aran Cravey, Los Angeles



Curated by Olivian Cha and Eli Diner

With: Joan Bankemper, Than Hussein Clark, Phyllis Green, Nancy Lupo, Patrizio di Massimo, Joshua Nathanson, Nathalie du Pasquier

Once I thought the lot of the “shut-in” most unhappy, but that was because I did not under- stand. I thought only of the limitations and deprivations, not at all of the inclusions. I had not considered the loves that glow upon home altars all the more brightly because there are those who can no longer walk abroad.

Little Messages for Shut-In Folk Charles Wesley McCormick

Why is a pale white not paler than blue, why is a connection made by a stove, why is the exam- ple which is mentioned not shown to be the same, why is there no adjustment between the place and the separate attention. Why is there a choice in gamboling. Why is there no neces- sary dull stable, why is there a single piece of any color, why is there that sensible silence. Why is there the resistance in a mixture, why is there no poster, why is there that in the window, why is there no suggester, why is there no window, why is there no oyster closer. Why is there a circular diminisher, why is there a bather, why is there no scraper, why is there a dinner, why is there a bell ringer, why is there a duster, why is there a section of a similar resemblance, why is there that scissor.

Tender Buttons Gertrude Stein

I open the blinds as he moves away, I invent croakings, awkward groans, I don the mask with a snout and yellow hairs (cardboard tubes, painted nails), I belch a spray of gravely, erudite